Traveling to Latin America in Search of Love


Latin America is filled with beautiful mountains, oceans, colonial cities, and, oh yeah, lots of beautiful women.

Let’s face it. Many men travel south of the border in search of beautiful women. Some search for just a night of loving and others search to find a wonderful wife. So if you’re wondering what to expect from a Latina once you meet her, then this is an article for you.

One thing you should understand about looking for love south of the border, aside from the obvious language factor, is the fact that there is a cultural difference inherent in Latinos. Although this is changing, traditionally Latinos tend to be a bit more conservative in their views of the roles men and women play in our society –especially the home and marriage views.  Expectations of what a man can do, or provide, for the woman are higher than what is expected in the U.S. And expectations of what a woman can provide for a man are equally high in comparison to the U.S. as well. For example, a man will be traditionally expected to really take care of his woman and the woman will be expected to really take care of her man. Yes guys, there are some perks in these types of views, because they do make for a nice home life. Now, we certainly don’t want to appear chauvinistic, because we do agree that modern women work, have careers and we support that, but the expectations of a traditional home life in Latin America still exist even though more and more women nowadays are career focused. So in essence this means that even though you might marry a professional woman, it’s still expected that she make sure you’re comfortable i.e. have dinner for you. But don’t be too self involved because you have to remember that she’s a human being and she’s going to need your love, support and romantic gestures just as any other woman would. So if you’re thinking you’re going to meet a docile servant that’s just going to do what you tell her, it’s not the case nowadays.

Because of these ingrained traditional beliefs, the Latino family also has a large influence on the love life. Yes, call it old fashioned, but it still happens. The blessing and acceptance of the parents, and sometime other family members, is an unspoken rule, but it is considered when decisions are being made about love and a future relationship or marriage. What this means is that once you meet the woman of your dreams you’re probably going to have to win the approval, or at the very least the liking, of your potential new family. Traditional Latin families arte still headed by the father who is still considered “head of the household”. Again, even though there are more and more professional and strong women in Latin America, these roles still appear ingrained in the belief systems. Many of the women you may meet in Latin America will probably still be living at home and you’ll have to confront the family sometimes even on your first date.

If you’re wondering how to meet a Latina woman south of the border, the methods are pretty much the same as in the U.S. You can start an internet conversation through various love sites or if you travel down there you can apply your same tactics i.e. friends setting you up on dates, meeting people t parties and even the frequently used nightclub and bar strategy still applies. So the meeting part isn’t as different as the dating part.

And once you’ve met, dated and fallen in love you need to consider how that relationship will continue. Will it be a long distance, cross-continent, relationship? Or will she be joining you in the U.S.? If the former, then we wish you much luck. If the latter, then consider the immigration red tape. Remember that there are specific immigration laws that apply to marrying someone and bringing them back to the U.S. In some instances you may have to wait months, perhaps a year or two before the U.S. grants rights for her to move to your pad. It all depends on the country and also on the legal advice you employ.

But nevertheless a relationship with a woman from Latin America is an experience to be treasured. Aside from their inherent beauty and charm, the dedication from your Latina love will make it a worthwhile experience to enjoy.

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